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#PolyPresents: New Year's Resolutions

#PolyPresents: New Year's Resolutions by wanndan-anggita featuring a cross body
Hay hay hay...2018 is coming up!!!! what is your new year's resolution? having a boyfriend? go to vacation? have a lot of money? or???? By the way anything what that is, hope you can fulfill it. Do not forget about your dream, who you are, and what you want to be in the coming up year! stay beautiful, and also do not forget about giving yourself a new style! wear the clothes, dont let the clothes wear you!!! Give try to the colour block bootie, a gold leather legging, and a metalic trim sweater. Why?? the block-colour bootie is giving a fresh colour in your look, and be brave to use a gold legging into a wool sweater, it makes you different. And about the bag?? yeah, just to make this look have a dinamic colour. 

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