the sky's going to blue

i dont know why i want to share this with you... just to remember what we have to do before.. this night i listen to several tracks.. and i'm thingking bout you. just you, yeah.. so weird but i still do. This is my playlist :
unintenden (Muse), the way you look at me (C. Bautista), leaving on the jet plane (chantal creviazuk), and the last is warmness on the soul (Avenged sevenfold). I dont know why i choose these song, my fingers run on they own way to thouch these tracks... oh my God, come on... you make me feel so blue. Lonely girl,

no one ever saw me like you do
eventhough in my dreams i still cant find you
i love that valentine, we have no together... but  we had
i love that night, the night when you are mine, eventough the time is no ours
i love the way you act like i'm a princess.. not in real, but on your life, in your heart
i still sing that song, a song we have sang before you're gone... the song when you far far away
now, we are farther and farther away
i think, you are happy now.
are'nt you?
can you send me a little of your happiness? just a few?
i just want to feel what you have feel

tonight, there's no star.. and like a usual..
there's no you
not longer...

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